Use Triggertrap to create a photo booth, in more ways than one!

It's that time of year again... Hello wedding season!  Some of our wonderful users have been asking us how you can use Triggertrap to create a photo booth at your wedding. Well there's more than one way to skin a cat. (But we don't recommend that you do that, obviously.) Here are five different ways of creating a Triggertrap photo booth!

1. Scream Booth

Our Scream Booth is our most popular photo booth, and we can't help but shout about it! By using Triggertrap Mobile's Sound Sensor, you can put a hilarious spin on a traditional photo booth by asking people to shout and scream at the camera to get their photo taken. If you'd rather not capture images of crazy screaming faces, but quite like the idea of a sound trigger, never fear! There's a handy sensor delay you can set to allow time for posing. For more information and the full written tutorial, take a look here

2. Peekabooth

If you are looking for a photo booth that is triggered when a certain number of faces can be seen in a frame, then Peekabooth is your guy! By using the Peekaboo mode on Triggertrap Mobile for iOS, you can specify up to five faces to trigger your camera, and don't forget that handy sensor delay that we talked about. Whenever the right number of faces is detected in the scene, the camera triggers - perfect for group shots! Check out the video below, and the full written tutorial for more information.

3. Instant booth

People love being able to see the photos they are taking at a photo booth – in fact, it often means they go back for more! You can do this and add even more awesome to any of our Triggertrap photo booths by using an Eyefi card. Photo booths and Eyefi go together like strawberries and cream, and that is why we use the winning combination at all of our events. The Wi-Fi built into the SD card allows you to share images with an Android, iOS, PC, or Mac device immediately to give your photo boothers feedback of their images straight away! How cool is that? We usually use an iPad as they are nice and portable with a bigger screen than a smartphone. Go on, take your photo booth to the next level!

Eyefi app displayed on iPad with Nikon DSLR.

4. Remote controllable photo booth

What about those times when you don't want to make a lot of noise and want a bit more control over your photo booth? By using the Wi-Fi triggering mode on Triggertrap Mobile, you can hold the trigger in your hand giving you all the power! You can even let people play around in the photo booth by giving them the trigger. But what if you haven't got a second smartphone? Never fear – you can now use your smartwatch to trigger your camera using the brand new Wearables mode! Take a look here for the full written tutorial

5. Photo booth using Timelapse Pro?!

You've probably heard of our new Timelapse Pro app that is available on iOS, but did you know that you could use it to set up a photo booth? It may sound crazy, but it works! Picture this: The ability to trigger a camera that waits for you to get in position, then takes four photos with enough time for you to strike a kooky pose in between each shot. Sounds pretty dreamy. Check out our Timelapse Pro Tips article to find out how to set one up!

Share your photos with us!

Have you set up one of our photo booths using Triggertrap kit? We would love to see some of the photos over on our Flickr pool. You can also get in touch by tagging us #Triggertrap and @Triggertrap on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.