3D printing a hot shoe mount for TTv1

One of the things that is most exciting about finally releasing the Triggertrap v1 into the world is seeing the hacks that people come up with. One of the suggestions for future versions of the Triggertrap device that keeps coming up in discussion is a hotshoe or tripod mount for more control over stability. Last week, Kieran Taylor came up with one awesome solution, and now we have another one from the user Jiffies on Thingiverse.

Jiffies has shared a downloadable design file which you can use with a 3D printer, to make a bracket that fits onto the back of the Triggertrap, and to which you can attach a hotshoe adapter, a hook, a lanyard, or any other kind of fixture.


Thanks for this, Jiffies. Remember: if you've come up with a great way to improve the usability of the Triggertrap v1, and you want us to share it with the Triggertrap community, let us know - either by emailing us , on the forum, or in our Flickr group.