Using The Triggertrap V1 as a Slave Flash

Please note: The following article refers to our first product, Triggertrap V1 and not our current product, Triggertrap Mobile.

I love my Canon PowerShot S95 - it's an astonishing piece of kit in all manner of awesome ways. It has one small flaw, though: There's no way to connect an external flash to this camera.

So I figured... Would the Triggertrap's built-in light sensor be fast enough to trigger an external flash, based on the pop-up flash on the Powershot S95? It turns out that yes, it is...

When shooting with the pop-up flash engaged in fully manual, the Triggertrap syncs with the compact camera at speeds up to 1/640th of a second. That, ladies and gentlemen, is bloody fast indeed.

This also illustrates why I love the Triggertrap: Some times, I'm just sitting around thinking about cool things to do with photography. I was working with my S95 on a small project, and was cursing my Canon Speedlite 580EX II because it couldn't be triggered by the built-in flash on the compact camera. But then it dawned on me: Hey, I wonder if the Triggertrap could be of assistance...

And if I can come up with ways of using the Triggertrap that I had never envisioned, I can't imagine what you guys are going to come up with, once it's out in the wild!