Using USB to Power Your Triggertrap V1

You requested it, and we decided to go ahead and add it in...Even though the Triggertrap V1 is extremely good on battery life (we estimate several weeks of continuous use, at least), there are situations where you might want the safety net of external power...

So, you might have noticed the little asterisk next to the 'external power' comment above. Yes, that's right, we've included support for external power for the Triggertrap!

It works via the USB port, so if you have a Kindle, a moderately recent mobile phone, or any of a hundred other appliances that use the Micro USB-B, socket, you already have the power cable you need. Alternatively, buying one of these and one of these will have you cooking on gas, as they say.

When you're using the Triggertrap with external power, it won't go into 'sleep' mode, so your display will stay on so you can see what it's doing at all times - perfect if you want to keep an eye on things!