Vacancy: Customer Support Superhero - London, UK

Hi! We're Triggertrap, and we're looking for a fantastically clever Customer Support Superhero to join our expanding team. What's a Customer Support Superhero? We're glad you asked! The important bit here is that you will be the absolute front line of customer support and the first point of contact for Triggertrap customers when they need our help. You'll also be a real-life superhero when it comes to answering questions, solving problems, and generally turning frowns upside down. Simple, really!

The Customer Support Superhero will be the first person to respond to customer support queries on all channels; including our support email system, social media, our forum and through various retail sites.

You will be the spark that gets people excited about Triggertrap by offering assistance to those who need it, and by helping inspire a generation of Triggertrap photographers. You will be working closely with our Happiness team, and will be enthusiastic about making the Triggertrap community a fun, exciting and informative place to be.


This is a full-time, 6-month contract, based in our London office (in King’s Cross).

We are nothing without our customers, and our Customer Support Superhero will ensure that our sad customers are turned into happy customers, our happy customers are turned into returning customers, and that those who haven’t heard of us yet will be cured of that affliction.

About Triggertrap

We’re a relatively new company, born from a wildly successful Kickstarter project in July 2011. Our flagship product is Triggertrap Mobile, a combination of hardware and mobile apps that lets you trigger your SLR from your smartphone in loads of different ways. This shot into the top five in the App Store charts around the world, and has now been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times.

Most recently we ran another massively successful Kickstarter campaign for Triggertrap Ada, a new kind of modular camera trigger that is set to revolutionise high speed and camera trap photography. Our products have been featured everywhere from DPReview and Petapixel to Engadget, Forbes and the Observer, with universally positive press reviews. We have a pipeline of new products coming up that are going to take even more sectors of the photography world by storm.

We have a rapidly growing social media presence, along with a large and well-engaged user-base, but we have a lot of ideas about how we can get people even more excited about Triggertrap – That’s where we need your help: developing and implementing a wider community and customer support strategy.

About you

  • You’re an extrovert with a inexhaustible supply of patience, crisp communication skills, and problem-solving abilities that would put Sherlock Holmes to shame.
  • Above everything else you love to help and enjoy the triumph of succeeding in finding solutions for others.
  • You have an excellent command of the English language. You pride yourself on your spelling and grammar being damn near perfect - because you'll quickly get found out if it's not! You understand our need to be clear and correct when dealing with our customers and representing Triggertrap to the wider world.
  • You have the ability to stand back and see the big picture, allowing you to pull out the relevant information needed to form better strategies.
  • You'll also make a great go-between the customers in need, the development team, and the operations teams who are there to make the product and delivery experience better.
  • You have an understanding of computer and online technical skills, making you handy around our many social platforms and forums.
  • You are keen to expand on your daily tasks, play to your strengths and expand your job role.
  • Seeing as you will be dealing with a die-hard photographic community on a daily basis, you get major bonus points if you already have an interest in photography.

What we offer

  • The chance to work at a fast-growing, profitable startup.
  • An initial six-month contract (with a view to permanent employment).
  • A salary of £18,000pa (pro rata).
  • Friday beers. Drinks are on us!

How to apply

All applications are done via Recruiterbox - please apply via this site.

NO AGENCIES! Any agency that contacts us in relation to this or any other position will be blacklisted and reported to the ICO. No, seriously.