Making a splash with these Colourful Water Balloons

First off I should probably say, "hi!". I'm Helena and I'll be your new Head Of Happiness here at Triggertrap. My job is making sure we're delivering to you exactly what you need for that perfect shot and getting you excited about all things Triggertrap we'll have coming your way. It's nice to meet you! Now onto the exciting stuff. We received this brilliantly coloured shot from Triggertrap user Mikko Vapanen the other day, and it's a real example of the fun to be had with high-speed photography. With the combination of the Triggertrap dongle and some coloured gels on his flash, exciting results were inescapable.

Our previous examples of triggering the app with sound have been pretty full on - such as getting people to scream at us - and the sharp, startling sound of a water balloon being burst will definitely do the job! Mikko has kindly gone and proven for us that the Triggertrap app is fast enough to catch a coherent splash, and looking at the shapes and colours he's managed to capture we really couldn't have done it better ourselves.


Check out the colours on these bad boys!

Have you tried capturing any explosions using Triggertrap? Then you should share them in our Flickr pool! We can't wait to see what and hear how. Go blow stuff up!