Welcome to your September 27 Update

Good day, lovely gentlemen and lovelier ladies (you'll have to forgive me that shred of sexism - ladies will forever remain lovelier than gentlemen, it cannot be helped).

Backer gifts

Today has been Triggertrap day, and I've been working on all sorts of exciting little bits and pieces to do with the Kickstarter-backed Triggertrap V1s. 

Most notably, I've ordered the cameras, lenses, T-shirts, postcards, and books for those of you who elected to receive additional prizes for your contributions to the Triggertrap Kickstarter cause. I'm expecting all of that to be delivered to me to sign later this week, and after that, it'll start winging its way to your homes / offices / space stations / whatever you entered as your shipping address.

The Triggertrap

The Triggertraps themselves are making good progress; the software is nearly completed, but we discovered that our source code is SO ABSOLUTELY FULL OF AWESOME that it takes up more space than we expected - so we may have to upgrade the Triggertrap to be based on the Atmega 328 chip instead of its little brother, so it can cope with all the awesome we're pouring into this project.

I know this is all taking quite a lot of time, but it turns out it actually takes quite a lot of time to build, prototype and (not least) manufacture a device as chocker-block with grooviness as the Triggertrap.

Shipping dates are - as before - "before Christmas", so please do remain patient for just a little bit longer. We cant wait to start showing off the awesome things the Triggertraps can do over the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, kick back, chill, and come up with some awesome projects you're going to be able to do with the Triggertrap.

Oh yeah.

~ Haje and the rest of Team Triggertrap Limited.