The app sales for Triggertrap have always been significant and consistently higher than we had expected. On Monday, we released version 1.4 of Triggertrap Mobile for iOS. On Tuesday, we announced that the app would now be available in German.

So, naturally, we were curious what would happen when the app launches in our first non-English language.

Obviously, we have many other languages coming up, but we decided to start with the German version, mostly because our two German-language distributors (for Germany and Switzerland) were first to embrace Triggertrap Mobile.

If you're an app developer, and you've been wondering whether it makes sense to make the (not insignificant) investment in having your apps translated to your target audience languages, perhaps this graph will help you draw your own conclusions:

Holy jumping Jesus on a pogo-stick

Overnight, we leapt to the top 3 highest-grossing German photo and video app. The other interesting observation is that the rest of the top 10 highest-grossing apps are all available in German as well.

We have to say; we were pleasantly surprised by this, not least because in our experience, Germanophones' English skills are among the best in the European Union -- But it just goes to show that localising your applications is a mighty fine idea.

... And this is just our first language; we have 9 more in progress.