Why Triggertrap Mobile for iOS is losing the internal camera option

Hello everyone! It’s time we had a chat about Triggertrap Mobile 3.0 and some of the changes you'll be seeing with this exciting new update. “But you launched 2.0 so recently! How come we’re getting a brand new version again?” we hear you cry. To that, dear reader, all we can say is “Because we love you, and because we’ll stop at nothing to keep Triggertrap Mobile’s well-deserved reputation as the world’s best camera remote”.

Why are we getting a new version of Triggertrap Mobile for iOS?

One of the big reasons we’re doing a major refresh under the hood is that Apple have just launched iOS 8. That’s wildly exciting for everyone who uses an iPhone or iPad - but even more fun for those of us who are creating apps for these devices. We wanted to be sure that Triggertrap Mobile would run as smoothly as possible with the latest Apple OS and iPhones, so thought this would be a good opportunity to make some well needed changes.

We’ve done a lot of research, we’ve spoken to hundreds of you, and we’ve started implementing a large number of changes to how the app works. This includes some exciting new functionality and cheeky bonuses that we hope will really improve your user experience.

The internal camera

Those of you who are using Android may have noticed that we don’t have support for the internal camera on Android devices. In the beginning, we did this so we could bring Triggertrap Mobile to you as quickly as we could. As time went on, however, we realised that the app was actually a lot more intuitive without having an internal camera to worry about.

So, when we started to look at how we could make our iOS app even better, we started talking about how we could improve the internal camera functionality. During our user testing (when we showed various ideas to our customers), we discovered that most people actually preferred the Android approach: having no support for the internal camera at all.

Why Triggertrap app is losing the internal camera option

The conclusion we came to is that if we are trying to make the best camera triggers for both the internal camera and SLR cameras, we are, in fact, making a whole series of compromises on both. The internal camera hugely slows down what we can do with SLR cameras, and SLR cameras have features that internal cameras don’t - and so we end up with two user interfaces shoe-horned into the same app.

In the end, we decided to do the only thing that made sense: splitting the app in two. In other words: behind the scenes, we are working on a dedicated app for triggering the internal camera in a ton of creative and innovative ways.

For Triggertrap Mobile 3.0, that means that we will be removing the internal camera support. By doing that, we’re able to update the app you use with the Triggertrap Mobile Dongle to be faster, more flexible, and more intuitive.

So, what about in the future?

We’re fully intend to rock your internal camera, but Triggertrap Mobile isn’t the place for it. Triggertrap aren’t leaving the phone camera behind - in fact Apple recently stopped us releasing our first internal-camera-only app - Yellfie - on boring health and safety grounds. We’re experimenting with apps that are just for your phone camera, and learning lessons that we can use to take your phone camera capabilities to the next level. The latest releases of Android and iOS give us access to some amazing new features for built-in cameras, and we can’t wait to use them.

What else is changing?

Sadly, there are not enough hours in the day for us to release everything at once, so for now we’ve temporarily dropped support for Wi-Fi Triggering, our Solar Calculator, and our German translation. But fear not! All of these things are coming back!


When it came to coding the Wi-Fi triggering, we had a chat about how it was implemented previously and decided it could be done better! Doing things better unfortunately takes more time, so we’re asking our dear users to bear with us for just a short while. It’s progressing very nicely, and should be good to go soon.

Solar Calculator

Our Solar Calculator is actually one of the more complicated aspects of the app, due to its animations and how it deals with rotation, as well as being further complicated by our new iPad support. iOS 8 has changed how rotation is handled, so we’re beavering away on getting that working and we’re aiming to get that in an update in the coming weeks.

German translation

Finally, we’ve changed how we place text within the app. This means we need a new way of getting the text to our German translator, and we simply ran out of time on this one. Our new method is a huge improvement, and it means we can add languages more easily going forward!


While we work on creating some awesome apps for your all your cameras, we hope you’ll still continue to enjoy Triggertrap Mobile. If you have any ideas for internal camera apps - or any ideas to go in to Triggertrap Mobile - please don't hesitate to !