These handy accessories are designed to help improve your experience with Triggertrap Mobile! From holding your phone to improving your high speed photography, we've got the kit you need.

Triggertrap Flash Adapter

When you’re looking to get started with really high-speed photography (catching a bursting balloon, or catching a bullet in flight, for example), your camera’s shutter speed just won’t cut it. With the Triggertrap Flash Adapter, you can use the Triggertrap Mobile app to trigger your flash instead.

Additional Connection Cables

All our Triggertrap Mobile Kits ship with the camera connection cable you need to connect your smartphone or tablet to your camera – but what if you have a second camera that’s a different model? What if you decide to upgrade your camera and switch brand loyalties?! Luckily, our additional connection cables are here to help – all of which are compatible with all Triggertrap Mobile Dongles.

Triggertrap Phonetrap

Triggering your camera from your smartphone is all very well, but what to do with your device while it’s busy snapping away? The Triggertrap Phonetrap is a simple but effective solution that will keep your smartphone securely mounted to your camera’s hotshoe or even a tripod!

Triggertrap Extension Cable

The clue's in the name with this one! This handy cable is ideal for the times where you don't want to be stood right next to your camera while using Triggertrap Mobile. In fact, it lets you stand over 1.5 metres (4 feet 11 inches) away! The Triggertrap Extension Cable is perfect for controlling an outdoor timelapse when you're huddled inside a tent, for the riskier end of high-speed photography, or for those more intricate motion sensor setups. 

Triggertrap Accessory Pack

1 x Triggertrap Flash Adapter
1 x Triggertrap Phonetrap
1 x Triggertrap Extension Cable
1 x Triggertrap Mini Tripod

The ultimate accessory pack for the ultimate camera remote! Whether you're timelapsing out in the wild, shooting explosive high-speed photography in the studio or working on some intricate tabletop shots at home, the Triggertrap Accessory Pack has everything you need to create truly awesome photographs with Triggertrap Mobile.