More triggering options than you can shake your lens cap at.

Timelapse modes

  • Timelapse – travel through time
  • TimeWarp – timelapse with acceleration
  • DistanceLapse – perfect for road trips
  • Star Trail  – extreme exposure control to create stunning images of the night sky
  • Bramping – bulb ramping timelapse to keep your exposure smooth

Sensor modes

  • Sound sensor – clap, whistle or tap
  • Vibration sensor – vibrations and earthquakes*
  • Motion sensor – detects movement*
  • Peekaboo – facial recognition*

HDR modes

Cable Release modes

  • Simple Cable Release
  • Quick Release
  • Press and Hold
  • Press and Lock
  • Timed Release
  • Self Timer
  • LE HDR – Long exposure HDR sets with up to 19 exposures
  • LE HDR Timelapse – create timelapses with all the detail of HDR


  • Sunrise/sunset calculator
  • ND Filter Calculator

Remote triggers

  • Wearables
  • Wi-Fi Master/Slave mode

*Please note: These modes are only available on iOS.

The Triggertrap Mobile app is available in English, German, and Italian on both Android and iOS. 

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